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Bringing my all to every project

Interned at Game Informer Magazine. Slung words for Screen Rant. Wrote multi-page spreads for Official Xbox Magazine. Created and produced several podcasts. Penned and voiced multiple story-driven audio series. Assembled marketing materials for Deja vu Security. Served as Senior Editor at Extra Life since 2013. 
If you need something written, I'll get it done.

I grew up with a talent for writing. My senior year of high school, I wrote an essay about Braid - there was no going back after that. I launched a blog in 2009 on Game Informer's website. In no time, I found myself podcasting and my blog featured on the front page. I helped Game Informer launch their new internship program and learned the essential tools of the trade. Since then, I've been creating the best and most engaging content for my clients.



I can write anything

Articles? I've got you.
My pleasure.
No problem.
Critical analysis?
100% my jam.
Whatever content needs you might have, I have the experience and the ability to create what you desire. ​​
Want me to write something for you? I would be delighted! Get in touch and we'll hash things out.
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